If you steel have some questions please feel free to contact us and we will gladly provide you more detailed informations about our procces.

  • What's the minimum amount of content you need to start new collaborations (draft of what's going to be there, or full content, or something in between)?

    Each new idea begins with the preparation of documents. In order to start a good project, we need a vivid description of your project and some simple logic. If you have a description of the project, please fill out our form for more detailed information Afterglow Design Brief

  • What about your process?

    After receiving a brief, we revert to you with a price offer within 24 hours. If you are satisfied with the price, we prepare a contract and specification, setting a start date for your project. Within a few days after the start, we come up with several design options and ideas for your project. We assign a call and go over our ideas and what was done. After that, we receive your feedback and continue working based on it. Every day's results of the work are shared via Dropbox or Invision. Communication takes place either on Slack or Skype or Mail. The project is led by the Project Manager. After the project is approved, we prepare the development files for you.

  • What’s the turnaround time for starting a new project?

    The start date will be set once the following stages are passed: getting project brief, estimation, contract, settled downpayment. It might take up to 1 week or so.

  • Why Does Your Startup Need MVP?

    How do you start a successful digital project? Build an MVP! Creating a Minimum Viable Prototype allows you to move quickly, test your ideas, answer critical questions and create a solid foundation for your product before you go full-speed into a costly implementation. When you work with us, we assess all your product’s requirements and build an MVP in the form of a clickable, design prototype as soon as possible – a tangible result that can make an impact, get critical feedback or win funding pitches with ease. Best of all, it takes less than 8 weeks.

  • How long it will take to get an estimate from you?

    After getting the brief and making sure we understand the requirements, we may take up to 24 hours to get back to you with the price proposal.

  • Can we start the design without ctructure/wireframes?

    Wireframes are a very important component of the design process that will help you identify and eliminate all errors at the design stage, which can save your time and money in the future. If you don't have a structure, the first thing we suggest doing is to start with it.

  • Are you limiting feedback (ie do we have specific rounds of revision?)?

    After discussing all the project details and analyzing your brief, we offer you several design options. At the first stage, we discuss the direction. After that, we show the results almost every day. You can leave comments either on Dropbox, Figma or InVision.

  • How many people are working on the project?

    Our team works in one office. Also, there is always a designer and lead designer working on each project. Our Project Manager is in charge of communication, receiving, and delivering feedback.

  • Do you outsource anything from the project or your team is full in-house?

    We only work within our team at the office.

  • Are you presenting reports (ie. weekly progress)? if so, how often and what do they look like?

    If the project is based on the hourly rate then reports are sent each week.

  • Can you share more how your process works in working together?

    Before starting working on a project, we hold a staff meeting with the project manager, designer, and lead designer for discussion of the project tasks. We can add additional designers at any time. After the discussion, we provide ideas and several design options.